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Check out an interview I did recently, called “Heartbreak and Hair Dye,” with Crystal Hana Kim (If You Leave Me) for one of my favorite publications, The Rumpus.

So grateful to see Willa & Hesper listed on Lithub’s Most Anticipated Books of 2019 and The Rumpus’s list What to Read When 2019 is just around the corner!

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Willa & Hesper has been getting some great reviews pre-publication!

From Kirkus Reviews: “a deep and intimate portrait of two queer women in their mid-20s who come of age in New York while navigating—or refusing to navigate—their relationships to privilege, family, identity, and faith. What could be a novel about an intense attraction that falls apart is, in Feltman's hands, a bigger story about how people change us—and how we welcome or resist that change. A moving glimpse into 21st-century queer womanhood.”

From Publishers Weekly: “Feltman slices directly to the core of heartbreak’s ugliest moments: the temptation to fall back into patterns, to keep running from intimacy and risks. She evocatively captures the tension between aching to move on and not give up, and how the shattering of one relationship fractures others. Feltman stays away from happy ending conventions and skillfully weaves glimmers of hope and healing throughout, making for a keenly perceptive novel.”

Check out my recent interview with Catapult for part of their series for pride month! 


Willa & Hesper is now available for preorder on Indiebound, Amazon, and other retailers!